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What Can I Do For You?

Here my Résumé, Portfolio and LinkedIn profile.

Services - Content Creation

Content Creation

I will contribute to any of your digital channels with appealing and inspiring posts and articles, customized images and videos, customized emails, and any kind of social updates.

Services - Social Media Management

Social Media Management

I will curate and grow your Social Media Channels and represent your company/brand as the sole voice of your brand. I will monitor, moderate and respond to your audience comments; manage social media partnerships with other brands; create and/or post shareable videos and images.

Services - Email Marketing

Email Marketing Management

I will plan, develop, implement and maintain your brand/company's email marketing strategy.

Services - Translations


I will translate any kind of content from English to Italian and Spanish and vice-versa.

Services - Design

Logos & Banners Design

I will design your personalized Logo and Banner for your Website and Social Channels.

Services - Video Editing

Video editing

I will piece together video clips, images, sounds and captions to create the movie and tell your brand's or your last holiday story.

Services - Website Design

WordPress Website Design

I will create and design a modern and professional website from scratch with WordPress or renovate your old one.

Services - Travel Advisor

Travel Advisor

I will give you practical advice on how to organize your next (on budget) trip.


Business Owner

“Alessia is a great addition to any organisation. She is structured, organised and professional. She is inventive, takes initiative and works hard. She approaches her tasks in an efficient way and is very reliable. She can make a good estimate of the needed time to get a task done and asks for help or clarification when needed. On top of all these things, Alessia is a pleasure to work with. She has a sunny disposition and a great sense of humour. She is motivated and enjoys good results for the organisation and herself. For our project Alessia worked with Mailchimp and Squarespace independently and in a team. She did great in both cases. She is punctual both at appointments and within the work schedule. She can be trusted with sensitive information. She is flexible and adapts quickly to change. She loves learning new skills and picks things up on the fly. You will have no regrets if you choose Alessia for your next project!”

CEO and Co-Founder of Zipstrr

"Alessia showed an extraordinarily high level of commitment and motivation. She performed all her duties in a target-oriented manner. She was duty-conscious, reliable and trustworthy all the time. She has the ability to grasp issues quickly and being deployed for multiple tasks. We thank her dedicated and constructive contribution to our company and wish her all the best and continued succession in her professional and personal life. "

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